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(PR) DALLAS - (Nov 24, 2015) - 1836 Capital, LLC announced today that it has launched Texas Oil Capital, LLC to assist independent oil & gas field operators.

1836 Capital has had success helping field companies in the oil patch and has launched Texas Oil Capital to specialize in the capital and management needs of operators. Texas Oil Capital will also help banks with clients that may need assistance with covenant compliance.

"With oil pulling back, we know that a lot of companies need the guidance to help manage the changing expectations of financial partners and find sound cost saving solutions to allow them to continue to maximize value. The company will aim to assist with management solutions and developing fundable business models," said Jonathan Collura, Managing Director of 1836 Capital, LLC.

"We have had a lot of success in finding cost saving solutions and helping field operators manage to the existing financial conditions," Collura added.

About 1836 Capital, LLC

1836 Capital is a structured finance and management consulting company. It was developed in 2010 to assist independent companies in the lower middle market. 1836 Capital specializes in partnering with a company's management team to meet financial and management needs. It uses a proprietary 11-step model to analyze a company to design proper solutions and execute them.

About Texas Oil Capital, LLC

Texas Oil Capital is a structured finance and management consulting company. It was developed by 1836 Capital, LLC to assist with the capital and management needs of independent operators in the oil & gas industry. Texas Oil Capital designs custom-made capital and management solutions to meet the client's unique needs and situation and has the inside know-how to develop complete detailed action plans and fundable business models.